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SigniMate’s™ Quick Help Page Allows you to quickly learn what the function of each setting is and how exactly to use them.  Within minutes you will be making profits with quick quotes from SigniMate™.

Sign Pricing Software has never been this easy!

When quoting the project in Signimate's sign pricing interface, there are many calculations and factors that are key ingredients that make up your custom quote.  Signimate's custom sign pricing product quote form helps you to remember each setting that you have selected during the pricing process.  When completed with each project signimate will allow you to save all of the settings within the sign pricing interface to a line item on the custom product will form.

Signimate will allow you to reset the the sign pricing interface form by clicking the reset form button.  You can now price your next sign project and when that is completed you were able to click this save quote button. It will then add another line item to the custom quote Click Image for Larger Previewform.  You can save up to four line items in one print out.  You will discover that you can't save numerous line items. However it is recommended that you limit your line items to the amount of four.  This way you can print four line items per sheet easily.  Just make sure that you clear all line items before doing a new printed sheet of four line items.

Signimate's quote form will automatically put the date that you are making your quote.  All you have to do is input the customer name and information and details in the notes area of what you were quoting.  There is also a separate clear all customer data button when you are finished with that particular quote.

Signimate's quote form will allow you to print four line items per printed page and you are also able to export this page as a PDF if you would rather save paper.  We recommend that you export the page as a PDF,  depending upon your file saving structure for customer files you can say that PDF in your customer’s folder for future reference.

Signimate is not meant to replace your current Accounting Software.  Therefore is not Signimate's goal to create an invoicing or quote  that you would give to your customer.  Signimate's quote form is meant simply for you to know exactly how you priced out your particular sign project for your future reference.

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