SigniMate™ is an easy to use sign pricing software program that allows you to price all types of signs, banners, automotive and vehicle lettering, boat lettering, vinyl lettering, and any other custom sign or design project.  SigniMate™ has a user friendly sign pricing software interface that will have your shop up and running in a matter of minutes.  You can make quick quotes over the phone while your customer is inquiring.  No need to ask your customer if you can call them back, while you stress over a pencil, paper and calculator, all at the risk losing business and profits.  Now with SigniMate™ you can be confident to your customers with accurate pricing. SigniMate™ can help you  to make more money, keep more customers, and make more profit.  Never before has there been a sign pricing software program that has been so easy to use and to customize.  We are confident that once you’ve tried SigniMate™ you will never use other sign pricing software  again.  SigniMate™ has been tested in demanding working sign businesses with positive results that have helped achieve high profits.  

SigniMate™ is sign pricing software designed for sign makers, by sign makers.  It will allow you to price any type of sign.  You can customize any material you input to the easy data entry forms and have SigniMate™ automatically calculate your markup,  labor and production time,  labor charges, material costs and material profits and will allow you to take the guesswork out of pricing.

Never before has sign pricing software been this easy.  There is no need when pricing signs to switch to a different screen or guess how much you should charge.  SigniMate's™ sign pricing interface has one screen that allows you to price everything that goes into making your project.  By simply selecting the details of your sign pricing project you can price a product in a matter of seconds.  If you have been searching for some sign pricing software look no further!  SigniMate™ is affordable and so easy to use, you will be making profits on the very first job.

If you have used other sign pricing software, you have probably been frustrated.  The makers of SigniMate™ have been in the sign business for over 20 years and had used multiple sign pricing software programs and each one has been overpriced and very disappointing.  That is why the makers of SigniMate™ have designed and developed this sign pricing program to use in their own sign business.  After developing this program and refining the functionality for several years and using it in the day to day sign making operations users have seen an increase in profits that are truly attributed to ease of use of SigniMate™ sign pricing software.  Once you are familiar with SigniMate's™ quick and easy sign pricing interface, you will be able to price just about any type of sign project and you can fully customize all the products and materials that you use in your sign shop to produce your sign projects.   

Forget about the bells and whistles of other sign pricing software!  With SigniMate™, you will discover sign pricing sotware that is designed around your business with a quick one screen interface that prices everything you need!

It is Time to Throw out your Calculator  and stop searching for the scribbles in your note pad!  

With SigniMate™ sign pricing software you can begin a new chapter in your sign business by saving time with fast and easy quotes from SigniMate™!  

Get serious about your sign business and use the time you have been wasting to start making signs that profit!

Don’t wait a minute longer!  Start making the profits you deserve today!


Customizable with all your most Frequently used product items. Everything you need on one screen!


SigniMate™ allows you to quickly make new quotes while on the phone with a quick reset form button.


Save and print quotes to a form that allows you to know exactly how you calculated the costs & profits.

Learn how SigniMate™ can benefit your sign business

with fast and efficient sign pricing quotes!

SigniMate™ takes the Guess Work Out of Sign Pricing!

SigniMate™ allows you to customize your sign pricing to reflect actual cost of materials, overhead expenses, labor costs and you can choose your profit margins!  

Now you can feel confident that your sign pricing is accurate based upon your actual expenses.  

You can fully customize your products, materials and overhead and know that you will make money with each project!

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• Signs & Banners

• Wide Format Printing

• Boat Graphics

• Parking Signs

• Vinyl Lettering

• Decals • A-boards

• Vehicle Lettering

• So Much More!

less time bidding & more time profiting

reliable quotes with consistent pricing

calculate accurate bids in minutes

customize to suit your business model

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