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Entering Custom Data into SigniMate™ is easy and intuitive!

SigniMate™ comes complete with hundreds of sign production products and you can customize or add more to suit your business.

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Getting started with that data entry form SigniMate's™ data entry form allows you to enter your most commonly used materials within an easy to use interface.  Each item that you input automatically enters the new item at the end of the master list.  You can choose a category to customize your materials, components, and data.  Some of the categories include substrate, digital media, laminate, cut vinyl, Ink type, pre-mask, frames and components and your quantity discount scale.  For example: begin by clicking on the substrate link.  This will open the substrate data entry form you can type in your substrate item description and your width in inches your length in inches and your substrate cost.  The substrate cost is the price that you actually buy from your sign supplier.  SigniMate™ will automatically determine your markup costs based upon the substrate markup that you have preset on the profit margin area of SigniMate™.  Once you enter your new substrate item description and details press the submit button.  This will add your entry to the bottom of the substrate master list.  Now you can review your master list by clicking on the master list link above the submit button.  This will open the substrate master list.  Here you can see all the pre entered data and when you scroll down to the bottom of your list you will see your new interest you can organize this list by highlighting the items you wish to a organize and the selected the data sort icon that looks like A Z with a red arrow and alphabetize your items.  Once your completed organizing your substrate master list you can click the “return to menu entry” link then you can click on any of the links for the other media entry forms or you can return to SigniMate™.

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