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SigniMate™ is powerful and easy to use sign pricing software package that is powered by the free and open source LibreOffice Suite from The Document Foundation.  

Not only do you get a great sign pricing software package,

you also get a Free Office Productivity Suite!

SigniMate™ is a comprehensive sign pricing program that is powered by the LibreOffice suite LibreOffice is the equivalent of Microsoft office but on an open source free programming platform.  There is no needs to purchase additional software as LibreOffice from the document foundation is offered free to all.  With SigniMate™ we package the LibreOffice suite free of charge.  LibreOffice is easy to use and easy to install.  SigniMate™ works with in the calc program that is included with LibreOffice.  LibreOffice Calc is the equivalent of Microsoft Excel.  SigniMate™ is not compatible with Microsoft Excel.  It is highly recommend that you only use the LibreOffice suite software that is included with SigniMate™ sign pricing software.    With your  SigniMate™ download, you will also be directed to download and install the LibreOffice suite, free of charge.

While you await your SigniMate™ download link and Password,

please make sure that you also download and install the Free


 Download LibreOffice Suite Here

Buy SigniMate™ sign pricing software and receive a

Full Suite of Office Software FREE!

SigniMate™ sign pricing software and LibreOffice is compatible with all  Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems.